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A story of triumph over adversity. Strength against all odds, and power that comes from within.

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And here is the general "blog" of junk thoughts that circulate through this head of mine. I was using Blogger but decided that it's easier to just keep it all here. Happy Reading!


July 15 2020 - "Taxes"

I think we can all agree that taxes are a huge hassle. I'm thankful I was able to put mine off a bit further this year, but I'm still just saucy that I have to do them at all. 

~ R. Carnie

July 16th 2020 - "Worship music"

I'm not sure if you're following what's going on in the world - across every industry, there is darkness and evil. I have found a lot of peace in just turning off the TV and streaming worship music instead. Some favorites include:

I pray you're able to listen to music that you also enjoy, and meditate on the things that you need to learn today. Bless you all!

~ R. Carnie

July 17th 2020 - "I feel a duty..."

I feel a certain duty as an artist and writer to work against the negative things that exist out there in entertainment and media. I've been having dreams about different fun adventures I could write about; illustrations I could do to support and raise awareness. There are so many angles to this.... 

~ R. Carnie

July 20th 2020 - "Beat Shazam"

WE JUST DISCOVERED THIS SHOW!!! It's so much fun and I truly enjoy how people are all coming together and enjoying the music and the challenges. I wish we were all like this all the time.

The media wants you to think we're all racist and hate each other, but it's just not true. I want to believe the majority are good and truthful people, hopeful for their lives and their loved ones.


July 23rd 2020 - "LittlefieldBooks.com"

The irony of coming up with a safe, Godly book company for all ages the SAME WEEK as we find out the most magical news in the world. I already have six short story titles done, and working on seven more. 

Stories will be written about me after all this, I hope.

"Did you hear about that guy who wrote 100 kid's books in nine months???"

"He what?"

"Yeah, he found out they were having a baby and wanted them to have good books to read!"

"You're not serious..."

"You think I'm joking? Go to www.Littlefieldbooks.com . He has them all there free to download and read for your own kids. He even offers them as coloring books so the kids can enjoy them interactively!"

"Wow, that guy must love his kid"

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July 28th 2020 - "Projects..."

Time flies and I forget to update everything. Currently listening to "Catch Me Outside" by Ski Mask The Slump God. 

Posting and updating and planning and doing and doing and doing...

Quick bullet list of the things I'm currently working on, and this is just off the top of my head.

July 31st, 2020 - "It's already August??"

I'm already worried about things that are months away, that's sort of how anxiety works. It fixates on the wrong things and then loops them around in my head endlessly, at least that's how it works for me. I keep worrying that I won't get all my dream projects done but I think the reality is that we should never be able to "get done" with all our dreams and goals. I think there's something sweet in learning from failures or stalled projects.

On another note, working from home all this time has started to make days and weeks run together, it feels like June just started and here we are knocking on August's door.

Aug 3rd, 2020 "Where did the weekend go?"

What happened to the weekend? It's already Monday. 

in case it wasn't clear, I'm off facebook... might soon be instagram too...

Aug 3rd, 2020 "Also, #end facebook"

I'm not sure if any of you saw the "Big Tech" hearings that happened last week but there were several things that were pretty obvious to me after watching it:

Aug 4th - "TWINS???"

So um... TWINS???

We found out at Ashley's first doc appt today that we might be having twins. She's at about 7 weeks from what the doctor said. Wasn't able to find the second heart beat so we're going back next week to double check, and probably every other week after that till the babies are born.

If you believe in prayer, please pray for us and the wellbeing of both of our babies. Thank you! Love you all. 

~ R. Carnie

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August 14th, 2020 - "In a den of vipers"

Templates of my life right now:

"I see this ... SPARK in you"

"How will I know when I'm ready?"

"You won't... It's a leap of faith....

That's all it is.





Tonight was...

such an amazing experience that I'm not fully able to describe it just yet. I'm still coming down from it but I went through so many emotions that it was overwhelming at first. 

Ashley said to describe it from the first moment it hit me so I said I would do that as best as I could. We were having dinner, sitting on the couch as we do, and I looked over at her and immediately saw this gallery of lights from her center. It was like this incredible energy came from her core, in two different orbs, surrounded by her own energy wrapped in motherhood. Imagine the moment in The Matrix III when Neo finally begins seeing the light through all the code, and how it burst forth through the code and through him and eventually everything.

That's sort of the feeling I got tonight, staring over at my amazing wife, acknowledging the sheer volume and power there was in the magic of bringing children into this world. The exchange of our agreement, to love each other SO MUCH that two little souls would want to choose us to come down and join us in that love. To say it was overwhelming is an understatement. It was as though, as I sat thinking of my future, and looking there at my wife - the physical form sat just fine, but my spirit... the very nature of who I am, my soul, it unlocked this ...  a floodgate of love sprung forth from me, in ways that I wasn't able to control. 

Like real ugly cry sort of joy... 

Gut-wrenching tears mixed with a deep laughter recognizing the sheer majesty in the moment. Ashley has been doing a lot of soul work with her guide and I have to say I'm so grateful for that, and for her decision to seek that guidance. There is truth in so much wisdom others have experienced, and I think our society does a very good job of convincing us that we shouldn't listen. Or I should say the noise of society... the apps.. the distractions... it's all designed to keep us from connecting on a larger scale.

"The beauty though is that there's nothing that will diffuse the spark of human compassion and love."

I think tonight it finally clicked what being a father means to me, and it made me fall into a million pieces of joy. I don't know how to describe to you the sheer un-doing that came over me tonight, but it was wholly God and nature and from The Lord in all that His Great Creation can give.  

Ashley took me outside to do some real grounding work, to be really connected with the earth and what God has given us in terms of energy every single day, in every blade of grass to every floating wisp of air that catches a fair memory of scents floating by. Everything is interconnected that has life... To simultaneously LIVE as one of those beings that's connected to all things; but also have so much life surrounding us trying to fight against the packaging of society... it's a bit of an insanity to have that realization. We're not meant to be funneled from one place to another, from building to building, from hour to hour... WE are meant to shift our lives, our energies WILLINGLY through EVERY day we choose to breath on this very earth. The transition of energy to give us life in the first place wasn't by accident, it wasn't by failure of any cosmic stretch of chance, it wasn't atoms smashing into each other simply because science said so. It was because your very soul CHOSE it, and became it. 

So I'm sitting on our front lawn, having my gorgeous Beloved guiding me through this soul work and tears are just constantly streaming from me. Both Good and Bad. Feelings that weren't mine; like an overall sadness of us a whole as a people flooded over me. I remembered that my fingers and palms were face down on the grass, my eyes closed, focusing on my temple and the crown of energy coming from it - going upward. She kept telling me to let it all go, to let the connection come; and once I finally did I felt like the threads of my consciousness were opened to reveal that each thread had smaller threads leading off into smaller and smaller threads all guiding out of my head and connecting to it, to me, around me, below me, like a massive sphere of energies constantly flowing out.

It makes so much more sense when people say God is within us and through us and WITH us every waking moment of every day. If you're truly being honest with yourself, whoever you may be, it takes just a few moments in the silence of nature at the breaking hours of dawn to know that there's SO MUCH More within each of us than we can ever begin to know; the very groundwork of the stars is made in our DNA. To see them reflected across your own eyes, to then echo the feeling you KNOW is rattling around in that head of yours. THE SOUL is there; and it's real and it wants you to acknowledge it. The essence of God given Himself to us, through atomic shifts in energy. 

THIS is the connection that I felt in so many broken tears as I sat on naked untilled green earth made hard and yellow on this summer night. The glow of the night stars surrounded us, even in the lull of our neighborhood cul-de-sac. God was/is present there, shifting through us in the moment, being here all at once and also not being here; across a million instances of humanity living out each moment of magic on this earth. 

I envisioned or rather will envision now moving forward, a circulating wave of energy above me and coming down to my temple and all the way around to the back of my cranium, emanating out from the top of my head reaching out to the Universe(God) far above me beyond any human comprehension I could have at the moment. At the time as I was sitting doing the grounding work, I both felt and didn't feel that the threads of who I was were intertwined with the blades of grass that touched my fingertips; bleeding into them in the blueish energy of light. 

This very power that we have, as humans, to choose to give of our energies in positive or negative ways should be acknowledged by a LOT more people.

To willingly effect the way the overall energy of LIGHT or DARKNESS is made and concentrated on this earth is something I think only those beings with free will can do. I suddenly begin understanding the hatred the dark one must have for us; because we have a power to BE THE LIGHT that he will never have ever again.




Like ........Like ever ever in the sheer expanse of eternity as FAR as your own mind's eye could currently envision it; EVER that far. 

Close your eyes right now and try to think of the end of time, try to literally think of what concept we have as humans for "time" as a construct. 

You're start to drive yourself insane if you think of it too long; and many people have done exactly that. Books have been written about what 'time' is and we still aren't that much closer to understanding it.

In all the vastness of human existence; we still exist IN a frame of time. There is no human on this earth outside of time, there is no political ideology, modicum of science, literary work that will ever stand the test of time. There is nothing in our human capacity to control time.

And yet, STILL we cannot fathom the depth to which the disconnect has grown between God and his creation - His ultimate sadness. I think humans are God's way of showing the dark one all of what he chose to give up in removing himself from Glory. Which is why I think the spirit of vengeance is so strong in the human narrative. We desire that redemption, because our very Creator desires it with one He will NEVER allow into His kingdom of Light ever again or those poor souls who have willingly made that choice daily.

THE FALL OF LUCIFER WAS A CHOICE MADE BY GOD. He could have just as easily vaporized the devil and half or third of His OWN Angels and remade them anew ten times over. He could have made thirty Lucifers seven times over until He "got it right". Instead, He made the ultimate sacrifice of a concept of perfect Eden to allow Lucifer to make a fool of himself for eternity. The Fall Of Man is satan's response, within the confines of God's allowance. Everything is still within the parameters of who God Is.

While it's a choice God made; it's STILL a choice and the fabric of ALL THINGS is being held together by that one choice. And He made it out of Love.

Think about it. 

God created the darkness the day that Lucifer decided he no longer wanted that name. The sheer concept we hold so dear to our core of humanity of "Light/Good" vs. "Darkness/Evil" is because God truly loved the devil so much that He created an entire living hell for him to live in FOR ETERNITY  instead of banishing him to the realm of no existence.

This is the part of the story none of the movies focus on; because it's the absolute horror of reality: there IS a place worse than hell and God is the only One that knows what that is. It's absolute non-existence. The very removal of God Himself. The power of an atomic bomb spread across every cosmic explosion all at once, followed by....

nothing. absolutely nothing. Even the word 'nothing' contains more in it's meaning than the infintesmial place that has a complete abscense of the One Binding Spirit Of All.

This is the absence of The One. This is why God can't let Satan go, He can't possibly do such a hateful thing to his beautiful creation; no matter how twisted it had become.

Even God Himself exists to escape the nothing of non-existence.

He created everything because He knew that the very spark of consciousness in itself was a gift he had given to every single Angel on the day of Creation. Along with every other living thing He chose to speak Life to. He speaks Life to us daily if we choose to listen and be energized by it.

To snuff out the devil into sheer non-existence would be worse to God than suffer this eternity of struggle. God cannot kill a part of Himself; He can't bring Himself to do it. It's literally breaking Him apart to have to face Revelation.

Jesus wept tears of blood thinking of the strain of that moment. Jesus was dying for the devil too; the demon just couldn't acknowledge the look on the Son's face the moment it was happening.

He was simultaneously not allowed to see Jesus's face and ultimately the reason why He had to die. Satan is the very reason why God had to kill his own Son in the flesh; as a symbol of what He made in us as Humans. Every fabric of every being that CHOOSES to live in the dark is willfully removing themselves from God's love; and aligning themselves with darkness. But even in that choice; each sinner is more powerful than the devil can ever be; we have the will to change in that split second. This is the abject Holiness that Satan can NEVER properly lay eyes on.

You can choose not to pull the trigger.

You can choose not to jump off the bridge.

You can choose not to ignore the screams from a neighbors apartment.

You can choose not to cut in traffic or rush the red light.

You can choose to let someone go ahead of you at the grocery store.

You can pick up that piece of trash when walking your dogs.

You can say hello and smile at your neighbor.

You can greet that nice old lady at the corner every morning until she's no longer there.

You can choose to be the change and invoke LIGHT into the very dark that struggles so hard to be relevant when it's very existence is left shredded with nary a thought of even the smallest light. There is no flame that will not shed light into a room; when burning in the soul of Truth. It is ultimately up to each soul if it chooses to be lit like the match.

This is why Satan hates us and will never get to sit at the Final Table. 

Imagine that power the next time you doubt yourself. The power to be ignited. To feel truth... to choose.

Imagine birthing a field of children; loving them so hard only to watch them walk away from you. The Angels are God's just as much as we are; but in a different way. They are extensions of Him in small refractions of His own Glory; bouncing as light bounces off a multi-faceted prism. There is STILL God in every Angel, no matter if there's no soul.

So now think of all that ... operating outside our human frailty of time and linear thought.

Think of all of that...

All those thoughts.... echoing in a chamber of darkness, absent of hope or love or pity or even Grace; as all those concepts are reflections of The One True Light and they simply cannot exist in the darkness for there are no rules for their existence there. As if gravity had no meaning or held any sway. 

There is NO chasm as deep as the one the devil is in. 

He can never come back from the darkness; the very fact that we living beings can CHOOSE LIGHT is something offensive to him. A power he doesn't have. How dare we. How dare humanity. 

He's going to burn this whole thing down because he can't stand that we're allowed all the things he can't have. He literally can't have. 

I wish more people could understand the battle that we fight on this small orb floating across space, absent of any desire to care of the humanity's wills trying so hard to live on it's surface. None of the containers matter if we don't choose to acknowledge the truth: it's all power, it's all energy. God gives us all energy every breath we take... that's power. 

The power to kill, steal, or destroy. That's why the power of life is only God's. It's a sin to end it, so that's within our reach.

So ... getting to my point about "The Den Of Vipers"

There are so many visions of evil in the world, because he wants to convince us that he can BE powerful and be real... but the truth is there is no darkness once enough LIGHT is shed into any room. Into any corner, of any reasoning in the hopeless human mind; there is no corner of darkness where God cannot exist. Period.

Every religion in the world seeks to define this existence; so that's why we as humanity sees so much truth in the religions of the world because they are simply paragraphs of the Greater Book we all come from. Truth that's torn from pages twisted by our hands can still reflect it's meaning.

Every aspect of darkness knows this; that's why they panic when The Lord shows up to a fight. And I'm talking about spirits and souls; not humans that walk on two feet. We are soldiers and warriors; wether we choose to be warriors of light or darkness is ultimately up to us. But the battles are fought by powers outside our human flesh comprehension (to some).

I don't care what atheist want to say; God exists in all of us and even those that close themselves off to His Truth will eventually face the final day when they've run out of lies and legs to stand on. There's no excuse to keep running away from God because He is in ALL THINGS; there is no corner you can run to that God isn't already there.

It's as though you're running from oxygen, a very basic need for our carbon-based life. It's as though you're trying to run from yourself. When you finally begin to stop looking outward; looking at the noise of the material world you'll finally begin to see that God has been calling to you from the moment your soul chose your parents to connect with. The act of Creation is a homage to God and a slap in the face to the devil. Every human is a magical container of souldust sprinkled with the elements of God in every fiber.

The exact opposite of who satan gets to be.

"Gets" to be. Existence is even a gift; though he chooses not to acknowledge it. Revelation has already been written because God wrote the book; as much as satan has read it cover to cover; he's never been The Author which means the ending is all done and outside of his power.


Imagine billions of balls of light; floating through the ephemeral essence of human consciousness. The idea is that the energy is shared. We're all balls of light which means we're meant to roll around into each other's lives and touch and connect in infinite ways.

There's a reason "Don't put me in a box" resonates so well with so many people. We are meant to be edgeless.

Our souls are edgeless and endless. Like a natural spring pool flowing from within and from above and below. When you choose to be connected with your full soul; there's power that's being made there and a transition of energy from your human container of a body to the Soul Above. I don't know what else to describe it as but as my Soul Energy, in a small floating ensemble of electrified emotions energized by my will - good or bad. The Soul Energy gets darker when I think of dark thoughts; it gets brighter when I think of positive good things. Literally; we are light bulbs meant to connect with the battery of the Holy Spirit and every human decision we make to walk way from that further corrodes that connection.

You can't be a bright bulb if you're not connected to a source.

You're not your own source. How can a bulb be it's own electricity. Even electrons need each other to exchange energy and have a reaction (get it).

Therefore, There IS A POWER(the source of the rest of His power)  that God alone has and the devil truly hates Him for it.

There is the power that God chooses to impart on each of us when He chooses to shred a sliver of Himself to give to us to embody a soul and live as a human body. 

The power to CHOOSE to be a light to the world. That defining moment.

The act of choosing.

That is what world wars are fought for, people die for, countries are lost or won for; the freedom of choice. We get it willingly and freely from our Dear Lord Creator.

And we choose to squabble amongst ourselves for just scraps of the Greater Energy that God would WILLINGLY give every day of every moment if we just chose to acknowledge it.

August 15th, 2020 - LittleMovieHouse.com

I want to make movies. I think that's ultimately been my goal as a writer this whole time. Make awesome movies that tug at our heartstrings as humans; make movies outside of hollywood and outside of regulations made by men and women only interested in themselves.

I'm planting the seeds of intention, as the legacy of my family begins stretching out in front of me; I want a part of that to include Christian and faith-based movies that speak to the majesty of Our Creator.

I've created


and I'm going to make a movie production studio out of it. I'm going to write really fun, thoughtful, and magical screenplays with the help of hundreds of other screenwriters. We're going to take back the narrative of our world; enhancing the voices of the lost and creating spaces where we declare the Glory Of the Lord. We're going to cover all the existing genres as well as create new ones in all sorts of ways that continue to break the molds of telling a great story.

Hollywood was just the reflection of the Greater Creativity, there's so much more below the surface and I know that there must be so many creatives out there hungering for a platform (of many, I pray) to showcase their work.

In fact, movies don't have to break a mold. They can make their own.

August 27th, 2020 - Broken

I deleted the "The Littlefield Twins" website I was working on.

We posted a brief story on instagram. Ashley said it way better than I could have, neither of us is quite right and being broken takes a lot of effort.

We both weren't expecting to be so surprised and ready to be parents; only to now have it all taken away. She cried earlier, looking at me and saying "I'm not ready to let them go" and I'm not either.

I don't know that we'll ever be ready. Two little souls that had chosen us and now they're gone to rest back in Heaven with The Lord.

I'm tired. I'm numb. I didn't know real heartbreak until this week.

Oct. 18th, 2020 - Death

It's been... a long series of months.

My grandfather died Wednesday October 7th. October is infant and miscarraige rememberance month; and it's been a lot to feel. I've been empty a lot of the times.... I've had no energy a lot of the times... I've had little will to keep moving or keep going. Ashley gets me through it, God gets me through it... Prayer and a lot of time spent alone.

There have been a lot of little good moments sprinkled in with the pain; and I'm ever so grateful that Ashley and I can enjoy that together.

We went to TheLightsFest last Saturday and it was a nice way to remember our two little girls. 

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March 19th, 2021 - More dying

More writing... or at least "some" writing as I sit outside getting some much needed sun. My little "pup supervisor" sits here with me.

Tired. Very tired. These days that seems to be my "go to" phrase.

My mother in law passed away on March 9th and it makes me think a lot about what's actually important in our lives and why it should be. Things like deadlines and task lists start to mean less.

March 21st, 2021 - Writing daily

The older I get, I realize that reading and writing daily are the keys to staying young and mentally alert. I've got a long way to go...

I need to make new efforts to read and write daily. Sure I read the Bible daily but I need to be engaging my mind in a lot more directions. Turning off the TV takes practice but isn't that what they had intended? They want us complacent. They want us mentally trapped in an illusion.

I'm tired of the illusions, I'm tired of distraction.

It will be my best effort to begin improving myself and learning more about the world around me. Now, in my 40's I feel the necessary urge to grab onto as much knowledge as I can, and experience as much of the world as I can.

In just thinking about my mother in law passing away, I begin to get anxious and then remember that God has a plan for each of us and has a direction for us if we simply seek Him out first. So here's my best effort at beginning daily good habits and reinforcing the "writer" God made me.


Random Shower Thought

Writing daily is like working out for your "writers muscle" just like lifting weights is working out for your actual muscles. You can't expect to haul out a full novel without stretching and lifting a little weight first. If you can practice daily, you can get into good habits that will lead to greater results.

Stretch. Breath. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Search Instagram for @r.carnie for more art and random things!

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April 1st, 2021 -
Book: The E-Myth Revisited

The "E-Myth" Revisited 

This book is inspiring as hell. Enlightening too.

The short of it is that each of us has a ton of different personalities fighting within us to "get stuff done". 

April 2nd, 2021 - Good? Friday

Good Friday doesn't feel like Good Friday. It would be so easy to say "nothing has been good lately", but that's not the truth.

The truth is that God's goodness exists no matter how often the world's negativity tries to show us that it doesn't. The truth is that I'm ultimately in control of choosing how I look at any present situation, bad or good, it's up to me.

I'm grateful that I get to remember that it's not just about me or my needs; it's about all of us. I get to be part of the change that it will take to shift from a "me" worldview to a "God" view.

April 3rd, 2021 - Movie: Chef


Let me preface anything I'm going to say with the simple truth that I love this movie. I respect what this movie is trying to do. I like the spirit of the message of "staying true to self."

The truth is no Chef that talented would be stuck in the mire of daily routine without an asshole boss pressuring him to "do what works".  I think that's the point of the beginning and I love that it sets apart Chef Caspar's cooking for himself against the cooking that we see in the restaurant. I love that. I love the juxtaposition of his craft and his 'work'. Everything down to the way his food is shown close up and colorful and the restaurant food are tones of brown and cream. 

The Struggle of the Real

I think this movie identifies the struggle that every crafter, creator, and artist lives through with their 'day job'. The problem is that it doesn't quite address the way that you jump from a struggle to your dream job. The second phase of the movie is a bit too simple in my opinion. He has a rich ex-wife that runs a business on her own and just so happens to have a wealthy ex herself (it's Hollywood) that wants to help Chef Caspar out.

Dads are dads, period. ALL the time.

 I'd like to point out that she literally pays him to 'be the nanny' for his own kid on a trip to Miami. While I get that she's helping Chef Caspar because he's struggling, I think that's the worst possible way they could have addressed the message. Call me what you want, but it furthers the narrative that men don't need to be 'dads' 100% of the time. Chef Caspar is a selfish idiot towards his kid for most of the movie.

Cuban Magic or 'Iron Man talks to Happy'

The trip to Miami is hilarious. I know this has nothing to do with this movie, but it's absolutely charming to watch Jon Favreau and RDJ (Iron Man himself) have a moment together. He's literally Iron Man in this movie, I don't care what anyone else says, RDJ can't help it, he's the main character of his own life.

Ok now let me get to why I call it "Cuban Magic" -  This is the 'turn' in the movie. Every movie has a 'turn' that gives the main character their new mission, their new purpose, or renewed zeal.  That happens after watching Grandpa sing at a classic Cuban club. Beautiful moment.

Iron Man still saves the day...

While I love that premise that 'people helping people' is the way to get it done; I would have loved to see Chef Caspar have to tackle it himself. I think it's really sweet that RDJ gave him a taco truck but it would have been a hilarious real-world sequence of meeting a few truck sellers before finding 'the One' truck. Seeing Chef Caspar actually choose his own food truck would have been great. I still think RDJ's cameo was perfect but objectively problematic for all those of us who don't have a billionaire philanthropist friend.

Money? What is Money?

This is another issue with the movie. Everything is done on good will and friendship and help. Besides a few lines of dialogue about "maxing out credit cards" there isn't much talk about the money it's taking. 

 Maybe I'm missing the point of the whimsical journey, but anyone wanting to follow this movie's guidance will be sorely put out by the sheer expense. I hope most realize that it's an INSANELY huge risk to just put all your purchases on credit cards. For someone struggling to find a job, Chef Caspar has an awful lot of friends who can shell out thousands of dollars without a thought.

For example, John Leguizamo magically takes the truck to a paint shop that does it all in under 12 hours and somehow costs aren't involved. I know it wasn't the point of the movie, but they could have done "Chef 2" with just the premise of, say, raising funds across America to repaint the truck and upgrade. 

And now for the highlights:


The food. Oh my goodness the food. One thing this movie does very well is showcase the love of food. Chef Caspar picks out fresh market ingredients, they show close ups of dicing and prepping, he makes pasta in a skillet, the cubanitos... I could go on.


Who doesn't love Cuban music? Nuff said. The soundtrack is great!


Only guys might understand this one, but then again ladies got that humidity in their bits just like we do. It's a nod to the sheer heat and humidity in a food truck. It's not a glamourous life.


Sweet kid, LOTS of work. The marketing he did, I think this should hopefully encourage other kids who see this movie that they can be passionate about things they love, and showcase them to the world.


Old Austin. Such a great callback to how Austin was in the old days, pre-pandemic and pre-Austin City Council corruption. (Steve Adler is an evil man).

Final Thoughts

There's no perfect answers out in the world, and this movie kind of glosses over that. Ultimately, it's a nice reminder to seek out what you love but it still leaves the viewer with a sense of longing and thinking 'that will never happen for me.' At the end, everything is sinched up nicely in true hollywood fashion, complete with a wealthy business partner to begin a restaurant with and a renewed love in the family. Life just doesn't happen that way.


April 6th, 2021 - MS Teams

SharePoint and MS Teams

I've been learning a lot of new things for my day job, and I can tell you that Microsoft is one company that has no clue how to make good UI/UX.

I'm constantly amazed at how the layout for certain things is done. For example, in this case, SharePoint 2021. Perhaps it's because I'm using Google Sites already, but I simply can't understand why everything is so complicated in SharePoint.

I would never use it for my personal website.

April 16th, 2021 - Memorials

We're at the airport, currently waiting for our flight to Tennessee for the memorial. It was planned a while ago, with the intent of vacationing there, finding a spot to move to, and generally just being with Ashley's parents in the beautiful country side.

How things changed.

There's a lot to be said for change.

Good or bad, it moves you into a new space in life and hopefully gives you a few minutes to review it.

I feel like 2020's theme was supposed to be tragedy but 2021 sort of said "hold my beer". We lost my mother in law this year, we lost our twins last year, my prayer is no more loss for years.

I know I've said it's been exhausting before, but I'm saying it again. It's exhausting.

But not everything is tiring.

I'm so grateful we have family like Johnny and Sarah who can watch our pups while we're gone on this short trip. I'm so grateful for a job that's willing to work with me working remotely. I'm so grateful for the creative energy that Ashley and I get to share in founding new craft festivals and fairs. I'm excited and grateful for a new business and amazing business partner. I'm grateful for fresh starts.

I feel like my focus has all been on the draining things in life lately, so I want to take this week and just take deep breaths and reset a little.

Reset the heart, reset the mind.

Remember how to be kind.

love you all, 

r. carnie littlefield

April 18th, 2021 - WOC

World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, TN.

Waiting for Sunday morning service to start. This is a giant church so I'm not sure if we'll be coming here but it's a nice change from the "mask up" churches in Austin. Super tired of that rhetoric and it's uplifting to see a church actually walking in faith and not in fear. For those pushing the mandates in positions of leadership; shame on you. You should really go back to the Bible. 

We went to Nash Family Creamery yesterday for the craft festival they have there every second Saturday of the month. I'm excited to get into the craft circuit again and not having to worry about the Austin mask nonsense. Mask nazis.

I feel like I can actually breath in Tennessee and it has nothing to do with masks. There's a freedom here that I haven't felt in Austin. I'm very thankful to be able to get out of there. Austin is trash and nothing like the city I grew up in.


My spirit is soothed here in TN. I can't wait for early mornings sitting with my coffee on our back porch in cold dawn air tapping away on my stories.

You want to write something together?
Let's do it!

Countryside front porch view in Wartrace, TN

April 20th, 2021 - God is always present.

All glory to God in the highest place.

This is the view from my father-in-law's front porch. I'm currently sipping coffee in the early morning hours, enjoying this scenery. God is in this country, God is in these small moments. God is always present.

The move from Austin is going to be challenging, I'm sure, but once we're here I know we'll feel more at peace than we've felt in a very long time. I'm not entirely excited about living in Murfreesboro but we'll get out to the country country as soon as we can. I have to remind myself that nothing is permanent, especially this life on earth.

Season of Change

People like to use this phrase, and I've probably used it several times before myself. It's one of those nice-sounding phrases that someone will spout out when you're going through a lot of "tough stuff" probably with a card of equal sentiment. It's a nice thought. A passing note. Empty.

One could argue that we're always going through "seasons of change" our entire lives. Life is change.

But I understand why people want to acknowledge when you're going through stuff. We seek this connection, this empathy, this understanding from others. We seek the nod of "yep, been there myself, came through it just fine" from a stranger who knows what you're fighting. We seek the pat on the back from someone anyone who has "been here before". We seek that acknowledgement that we're not the first (and won't be the last) to have struggled this hard. 

My favorite quote from Princess Bride "Life is pain, Highness, anyone who says differently is trying to sell you something."

But the honest truth is...

None of us blessed to be alive in today's world really know what "struggle" is. Yes, there's poverty and death. Yes, there's still so much pain in the world. And yes, people still struggle to survive every day. However, nothing in the human struggle of today will ever come close to the struggles of our ancestors. People living in dirt and mud, having no electricity, and lack of modern infrastructures. Dying at 20 from a simple infection. Dying in childbirth from simple avoidable procedures. Dying due to lack of shelter in the cold because your cave has been overrun by bears.

I think we've forgotten how to struggle properly in the 21st century. We've gotten soft in our struggle. We've gotten lazy. We've lost the understanding of what it means to fight for life every day.

I think the Princess Bride quote today should be "Life is pain, Highness, because people refuse to change."

May 18, 2021 - The Game of "West"

Textbook cliché line about "how time flies" or something... I know it's almost been a month.

We're moving to Tennessee and there's so much going on that I feel like I need a reminder for my reminders.  IN OTHER EXCITING NEWS! LightBros Games has really started to build on the vision we have. Jeremy's done an amazing job with all the art and design so far.

I'm so excited to be a part of something so fun! 

Search Instagram for @LightBrosGames

Maker's Market Tennessee banner

Sept 9th, 2021 - The great catch up

I'm bad about journaling. As I age, I need to get better about it, my memory is terrible. Here's some really important stuff that has happened so far in 2021:

>> July 24th - Brass Horn Coffee Roasters

>> Sept 25th - Brass Horn Coffee Roasters

Search Instagram for @MakersMarketTN

Sept 10th, 2021 - Maker's Market!!!

Maker's Market! Maker's Market! Maker's Market!

Saturday the 25th!

Maker's Market TN is a super fun and fantastic way of connecting with local Makers and shop their crafts! We're so happy to announce our SECOND market partnering with Brass Horn Coffee Roasters and it promises to be lovely weather the day of!

Come by 410 W Lytle St. on Sept 25th between 9am and 1pm to see us. Visit www.MakersMarketTN.com for more info. 

Search Instagram for @MakersMarketTN

Sept 18th, 2021 - HVLP's and LVLP's

Tips on canvas, fine art paper, varnish and all related topics

I was discussing this with a customer at my job and realized that it would be a good time to write my knowledge on my own website for future reference.

There's a lot of discussion out in the world about HVLP's and using them for clear coat sprays,even I've gotten my hands on several HVLP's and tested them for work. The pros far outweigh the cons and the cost of HVLP's has gone down such that any home user can try one.

Decent HVLP's from Wagner only run $100-$300

Wagner is a great introductory HVLP system that can be found at a lot of hardware stores or online. It's a great way to get started into the spraying world. 


The customer asked about "Low Volume Low Pressure" sprayers and I can't say that I've used or heard that term before. I think the idea is that the nozzle and special adjustments can keep the volume of material moderated in some way. It honestly sounds like an interchangeable term with "High Volume Low Pressure" sprayers in terms of features and functional similarities. That said, In digging further into the Wagners, Fuji's, and Kobalt's that we have recommended to customers, I think these turbine-fed models might qualify as "LVLP's" as much as "HVLP's" with adjustments that allow them to feed minimal spray pattern or material at a time. 

While I can't speak to the LVLP methods or mechanics specifically, I can say that the Fuji Semi-PRO 2 series for about $500 has been at the top-end in performance and parts that last. It doesn't take a very pricey system though, as Wagner makes the Flexio 4000 or 5000 series sprayers for about $200 that also work really well. Neither of these systems would require an external compressor so an added cost savings and more mobile solution for the workspace.

Spraying Techniques

Here's a brief breakdown of HVLP procedures. 

That's about it for now! More tips and tricks as I can think of them. 

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Sept 29th, 2021 - "Stretching & Framing Canvas"

Canvas Stretching is such a huge pain in the butt.

There I said it. It really is, it's just that simple. It doesn't matter what set of bars you have or the tools you use to make it faster; if you're dealing with a canvas piece larger than 24" it's going to be a huge pain to deal with.

Thankfully there are a ton of articles, videos, and how-to's on framing and the world of framing. This is a streamlined article about key framing points that can drastically improve how good your framing results will be.

<<<<<<< Check out the condensed JPEGS on the left. 

If you're struggling with framing and getting clean, drum-like tightness then check out these details to see if it might help:

That's about it for now! More tips and tricks as I can think of them. 

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Makers Mag - Sept 2021.pdf

Sept 30th, 2021 - Maker's Magazine!

I'm beyond grateful to Ashley for working so hard on this magazine. I'm excited to announce that Maker's Market TN has released our first edition of the Maker's Mag! 

YES! We've launched the Maker's Magazine!

First edition was for Sept 2021 featuring Funky As Soap and Jarrell and his family.

This will be a monthly printed magazine available in local Murfreesboro coffee shops or art events handed out personally by any one of the Makers who have joined us at a previous Market. We are also seeking out different shops in the area that would consider working with us on sponsorships, coupons, and marketing! 

Be on the lookout for more editions of the Maker's Magazine coming very soon!

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Search Instagram for @MakersMarketTN

Oct 1st, 2021 - REAL FALL!

This will be our first winter season in Tennessee! 

I really do love it here. I can tell that Ashley loves it too. There's a peaceful nature here that we didn't feel in Austin.

Granted drivers are CRAZY HERE and WORSE than Austin (if you can believe that!)

But the overall sense of things is nicer. It's how Austin used to be. A small quaint college town that's not so noisy and full of traffic.

..... MORE TO COME ....

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 4th, 2021 - HP Printers are the worst


I can't express how much pain and anguish this stupid printer has caused me in such a short time. Even with the money and amount of time I've spent trying to fix an old Epson R-2000, I would still say HP is the worst company of all time. 

While Canon and Epson have weird quirks that make them a hassle to deal with; I haven't run into mind-numbingly STUPID problems like I have with HP's pieces of total crap. I'll break it down into a few categories so I can tell you with valid reason why I won't ever purchase an HP printer. Today's post is JUST ABOUT THE STUPID FREAKING INK.


Oh my good Lord in Heaven, the freaking ink. The ink. HP and ink. What a total mess.

Let's start with this "Instant Ink" plan and the sheer volume of stupidity a company has to operate with to think this is a good idea. I'm sure on paper it sounded good, but in practice it's absolutely bonkers. Let me explain a bit better.

"Instant Ink" and the monthly charges

First of all, the "Instant Ink" program is just a subscription program for ink, nothing more. The concept is that HP will send you a full set of inks and only bill you for the ink you use per-page. They claim they will only bill you for the exact ink you use and not a drop more. However, you're forced to choose a per-page plan and you pay for the plan no matter if you use it or not. So nevermind paying for "Just the ink you use", you're also paying that lovely monthly subscription charge EVEN IF YOU DON'T USE THE INKS. 

The misleading name is exactly that and they don't do a good job of supporting it anyway. Search online and you'll see countless stories of people waiting on more ink only to be charged for it but never receive it. It gets better!

Not only does HP find it acceptable to charge you a monthly fee but they will also bill you extra if you go over your "allotted ink" per your plan. The entire pay-to-play model is awful and they hold your ink hostage if you don't play by their rules. Once you cancel your "instant ink" account, the ink carts become useless and bricked. Your HP will force you to either re-subscribe to the program or buy a whole new set of inks. While I understand that the "instant ink" carts aren't technically owned by the user, there should be an option to wipe the account from the printer once you choose to cancel the program. The stupid HP still prompts me to 'connect to wifi to update instant ink status' even though I haven't used the instant ink program. This printer was a hand-me-down and is still trying to enforce the 'instant ink' update with brand new NON-INSTANT INK carts. EVERY TIME I want to send a print job, it tells me I need to connect to update status or press OK to continue. Do you know how annoying that is to be prompted to press OK to override a feature that I didn't want in the first place?


Let's take a step away from the HP-exclusive "instant ink" program and just focus on the ink carts themselves for a minute. Where Canon or Epson have focused on maximizing the ink loads in their carts, HP seems to have done the opposite. Not only are the ink carts MUCH SMALLER than the space in the printer allows but it seems to have been done ON PURPOSE. Check out the size difference on the left of an "Instant Ink" cart vs. the traditional "XL" (for extra large) cart you can buy at any office supply store. 


Search online for any HP cartridge you can BUY in that size. Go ahead, I'll wait.

YOU CAN'T because they DON'T OFFER IT unless you choose the "instant ink" nonsense. HP are ink pirates, there I said it. They hold your printer hostage until you pay up.


So HP honestly expects people to either use their "instant ink" crap or go out and purchase a WHOLE NEW INK SET after printing just 10 sheets? Can you imagine someone buying this printer to print high quality photos at home; only to spend three times the amount of the printer cost in ink??? 

Third - Ink Refills, what a mess

Even if I were to understand the "instant ink" program, I won't ever be able to understand why any company including Epson or Canon would ever do a THREE-INK CART. Why in the WORLD do printer manufacturers do this? Because it's easier than doing multiple ink channels.

HP seems to be the king of the tri-color ink cart. While they benefit from having the print head RIGHT ON THE cart instead of a separate component, the fact that you risk multiple ink runs when dealing with ink refills is a terrible mess. I waste more ink just trying to install the cart after refilling one of the colors. Do you know why? Because the sponge-based ink cartridge requires three printhead cleanings JUST to get the refill flowing through!! The instructions also say you should leave the refilled ink cart for EIGHT HOURS to fully soak the sponge with the refilled color. So the expectation is 

A) Have multiple refillable ink carts just sitting out exposed, while ink is 'soaking the sponge'

B) Plan on wasting almost as much ink as you refill with the printhead cleanings after refilling

The entire system makes me want to scream. From the ink to the software mechanics, I hate HP. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

"Beautiful Bee COLOR SPLASH" - acrylic original © 2021, r.carnie littlefield

Oct 5th, 2021 - Art talk "Beautiful Bee COLOR SPLASH"

I had someone ask me the other day...

Someone asked me at the last Maker's Market why I chose to focus on bees. I didn't have to think of it much since I actually do find bees fascinating.

Here's some interesting facts about bees:

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 6th, 2021 - Lightbros!


The game is finally complete! I think we have a great box design, great game design, and super fun to play. I'm so excited to announce that www.Lightbrosgames.com is a new project brought to you by Jeremy Burge and me!

Follow our adventures at www.Lightbrosgames.com and on social media:

Search FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM : @LightBrosGames

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 7th, 2021 - Canon Printer!

Canon PIXMA IP8720

So after a lot of research and comparisons in printers, I've decided on the Canon IP8720 printer. 

As much as I beatup the first small Canon I had, it really did a good job of keeping up with the demand. I think I just burned out the print motor pushing about 5000 pages through it. 

The three main things I like about it the most are:

Call me crazy but I feel like Canon encourages users to support third-party inks. In the small format printer I used, AND on this IP8720 they have each color in it's own channel which means they are much easier to refill. On top of that, they have a basic override feature in their printers that allows you to skip past the Canon ink status check. Also, there are many third party ink sets out there that offer refillable inks and refillable ink carts. Provided you're not worried about 100% color accuracy , these third-party inks are a great way to watch cost per-print.

Additionally, Inks B -  SIX COLORS

This is where the Canon really stands out, with six different ink channels including a gray channel. This means you get truly deeper blacks and a better balance in colors. Be sure to get third-party inks that match the compatibility for this printer.

After having worked with Epson, HP, and Canon printers, I've come to see that Canon printfeeds are much sturdier than either of the other two. For whatever reason, they don't slide, skip, stutter, or smear the paper as they're pulling it through the printer. Even with heavy 110-120 lb cardstock, these printers grip the paper and feed it through carefully.

I can't tell you how many times I had to cancel and reload the HP printer after it would pull through several sheets at once, printing overlap on the edge of all pages ruining them. 

I'm excited to see how the larger format 13" wide printer will handle different medias and different types of art I plan on showcasing in that size.

THIS IS NOT A MULTI-FUNCTION PRINTER! I already know that and I'm prepared specifically for finer HQ printing. For the combination size and price, this printer will make up for losing any other features. Most importantly - The RESOLUTION IS FANTASTIC AT 9600x2400.

That's about it for now, I will order the printer and do a blog entry once I've actually used it. 

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Little Conchita - © 2021, Littlefieldbooks.com 
Wyatt - © 2021, Littlefieldbooks.com 

Oct 8th, 2021 - Silvertail and LittlefieldBooks

I've got a lot of projects going on... I like it that way.

I've got a lot of things I want to get done in life as I'm sure everyone does!

Most notably right now are a card game @lightbrosGames and all the Maker's Markets we can host from here in Tennessee. Two projects that I haven't had much time to focus on lately are Silvertail and finishing all the coloring books for Littlefieldbooks.

Silvertail Update

I'm still at around 90% done on the first book, the more I re-read I want to add and change more so it keeps growing and changing.

Littlefieldbooks Update

Lots of illustrations to finish! So far I have about six small books ready for print with a lot more hopefully on the way.

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 9th, 2021 - Chris Stapleton

"NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" cover is amazing!!!

I don't often fawn over any particular artist or musician publicly since I really do love a TON of different talents and could virtually spend my entire life discussing them.

There are the exceptions. Chris Stapleton is hands down one of them.

This dude has dirty country vocals that can turn into rockin' ragin' high notes and long choruses that echo through the rest of the song. His plays guitar so well that you forget he's doing both at the same exact damn time.

Yes, there's a lot of people out there equally as talented, but there's a charisma that Chris has when he's on that stage. I've watched several of his live shows over and over and over.

Here are a few of my top favorites:

And I'm sure many more!

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 12th, 2021 - Fall Festival

SATURDAY OCT. 23rd - 10am to 4pm


My hope is that I can get into a regular rotation of markets, craft shows, and retail spaces with my art that I can enjoy a steady little business selling art in different ways.

Ashley had the great idea of printing some nice hardback covers for notebooks to sell my art in a useful way for others to enjoy. Everyone seems to journal or write in some way, so nice empty notebooks with my art on the front and back would be great.


Facebook Link:


Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 15th, 2021 - Mrs. Doubtfire

On the surface, a funny and poignant movie about family ties.


Everyone is stupid -or- "The 90's made me do it"

This is one of those movies of the 90's that really only works when everyone involved needs to act as if they are dumber than a pile of rocks. It's still incredibly charming as a movie thanks to Robin William's star power and one-man showmanship. He carries the movie and somehow makes the insane premise believable. There is NOTHING about Mrs. Doubtfire that seems like a real person, it should only take them a few minutes to discover that it's a dude in a body suit. ANYONE should be able to call that out, with the caked-on makeup plaster face to the stilted British accent. The fact that they're not means that we're supposed to believe THEY believe it's real. This is true 90's movie camp that everyone on screen is objectively stupid to the subject of the plot.

Miranda is a professional interior designer and yet she can't pick out that it's her OWN HUSBAND??

My point is the movie would never have worked without Robin William's magic. Here's why:

Everyone and the mask

Much like horror movies with the titular characters running to obvious danger instead of running away safely; a lot of people in this movie are clearly not exercising any sort of common sense. From his own wife standing inches away from his plaster face to a bus driver who is a little too attracted; everyone is acting their asses off to show audiences "Oh we truly believe that's a real face that lady is wearing"

Marriage means forgetting everything?

Even if the makeup/wig/teeth and body suit were better and enough to be convincing to everyone else, I'm still shocked that Miranda could stand just a few feet away from her years-long husband and not know his mannerisms and voices.


And the hollyweird ending...

The movie is a fun romp into Robin William's incredible talents; and seeing him get everything he's worked hard for at the end of the movie is a nice sight to see. It's frustratingly unrealistic but then again the rest of the movie was too.

**EDIT: I recently learned some really disturbing things about who they modeled Mrs. Doubtfire after. You can look it up yourself but it has to do with child trafficking and missing babies. Very sad stuff. 

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 17th, 2021 - Alinea Church

Local church saves lives through local interactions.

Alinea is going places, and it will be fun to be a part of it.

Ashley and I have been really blessed to be a part of their outreach programs and amazing services. If you're in the middle TN area, you should be checking them out. www.Alineachurch.org 


One of the first things you'll notice when you walk into the Oakland Middle School theatre is the cheerfulness everyone greets you with. Immediately after is the zest for worship that you can feel across the entire theatre, everyone is excited to be there. The presence of the Holy Spirit settles through the crowd as the music begins. God is good and Alinea isn't afraid to celebrate Him in every moment.


Tender & Genuine. Those would be the keywords I'd use to introduce anyone to Senior Pastor Jeremy Pickwell. As a long-time church attender, I love that the format is designed to introduce some people who may not even be Christians to the Bible and key verses. He's not afraid to tackle money questions, or outreach discussions, or plans about where Alinea wants to go in TN. It's refreshingly honest from a genuine person.


Alinea is doing what they can to connect with the local community and express God's Love through simple actions. For example, they've given out waters at a local park, hosted www.MakersMarketTN.com and a kid's paint party, given out free shaved ice, and other outreach programs they have planned. We've been able to work with Laura Christian, the Children's Pastor, and can tell that the entire mission of the church is to love and connect with everyone in Tennessee. 


Lastly, Alinea is a young church only recently opening their doors for the first time at Oakland Middle School; HOWEVER they have a social media game that is helping them connect with a lot more people. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram!

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/AlineaChurchTN

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/alinea.church/

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 19th, 2021 - Behind Schedule

Does anyone else feel like that? Just a general ... 'being behind'?

Does anyone else have a general sense of being behind on everything? Perhaps it's the fact that I have so many projects going, or that I have ADD, or that I'm a combination procrastinator and perfectionist that needs to learn to let it go....


Phew, ok I think I might have answered my own question there with the multitude of projects; I'm putting extra stresses on myself.

But still...

I'm sure a lot of others at 41, 51, or beyond that still feel like their "just getting on the on ramp" of life. I can't be the only one. I feel like I'm just barely getting one to-do list done when the next one pops up. That can't be what life is all about.


Then I remember FAITH

"Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1

I remember that God has directed us not only to trust in Him but to exercise that trust daily in the form of faith. 

So whenever you feel like you have moments of despair or you're circling the drain or running around in circles; just trust in the Lord and seek Him first.

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Simon Pegg as Shaun
Nick Frost as Ed

Oct 22nd, 2021 - MOVIE: "Shaun of the Dead"



Right off, this movie is a great romp into the minds of its writers Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. Simon Pegg who also stars in the movie as the titular character Shaun will feel very familiar to fans of movies like "Hot Fuzz" and "The World's End". 

The movie was inspired by their time together on the tv show SPACED and the love of the George A. Romero "Dead" films such as Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead.

PLOT - Refresh the old

The zombie movie tropes are all well-observed in this movie, but it's clear to see that it handles them in such a subtle way that the first zombie attacks still come up as a somewhat surprise and a real treat. It's fun seeing the main characters handle things perfectly while acting like they have no idea what's going on. Cheers to Nick Frost and Simon Pegg's friendship for that, you can tell they're having a great time working in a zombie plot. The movie feels less like a thrilling killer zombie romp with the sheer comedy these two give off in their dialogue and banter.

The story is solid with all the supporting characters like Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton offering their classic British composure to every role. The movie tries to call itself a "Romantic Comedy... with zombies" but the romance is a bit thinner than the zombies. 

GORE - More than you bargained for

I'll quickly tell you that this movie is definitely a zombie flick in the category of blood and guts and gore, covering all the bases with the numerous kills Shaun and team inflict on the dead. Just a quick warning that it's not for younger kids.

COMEDY? Simon Pegg always delivers

Yes and yes. You can count on enjoying this movie thanks to Simon Pegg's timing. Every movie he's in enjoys a bit of that wit and charm in his delivery of the role. Shaun's no different and feels like the everyman we all could or might be in the same situation. He makes killing zombies seem like harmless fun, nevermind the blood splatters all over his tie and white shirt.


There's not much else to Shaun of the Dead. If you're expecting any sort of deep wisdom or nuance, then you might be reaching for a while with the exception of Bill Nighy as Phillip. Bill Nighy delivers a short monologue that's surprisingly touching and out of place in this movie. While it's a really nice touch, it's a perfect offset to what happens next. Still just a zombie movie. The movie is a fun take on a zombie apocalypse with little expectation of being anything else. 

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 23rd, 2021 - Barfield Baptist Church event

Across open fields we go...

We setup the "Art By R.Carnie" Tent

Sold a few prints and stickers, it was nice meeting the people from Barfield Baptist. They're really lovely. Matt and Trisha and George and a few others I forgot the names of.

The event was their first fall festival in their new facility and I think they'll enjoy many more events as they grow.

Lord, I pray for our brothers and sisters at Barfield as they work to the greatness of Your Kingdom.

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 25th, 2021 - Maker's Market TN "Falloween" event

I'm the worst promoter! Ashley is really the machine behind all of this...

We have the www.MakersMarketTN.com "Falloween" event coming up this weekend! OCTOBER 30th. 9am to 1pm outside of Brass Horn Coffee Roasters. 


We're so blessed to have the space we do at Brass Horn Coffee Roasters on Lytle Street, the weather is beautiful these days perfect for outdoor markets! Hopefully the rain on the radar will clear out or rain itself out before Saturday.

I can't wait to show you all the new art I've been working on and the #Halloween themed stuff as well! 

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 26th, 2021 - Open Venues

2022, We're looking at you!

With the bad weather this week, it's making us think about INDOOR venues for next year.

PLEASE MESSAGE US if you're an open venue space that has affordable rental spaces available! 

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 28th, 2021 - Art for the "Falloween" event

It's not looking great for the weather this weekend...*sigh*

In an effort to document my art...

There's a lot of different art that I've been working on but I sometimes wonder what's the point unless it's just simply to draw and enjoy the process. I guess that's all it is.

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield

Oct 30th, 2021 - Falloween Fail

We got rained out.

Maker's Market TN really needs an indoor venue. Sigh. We got rained out today. I don't feel like doing much.

Thanks for reading!

--- R. Carnie Littlefield