I've done a lot
through the years.

From websites, logos, and branding packages to full-scale fundraising event creation, planning, and execution; I've tried a career in a variety of practices. Here's my best effort at cataloging all of that professional experience. 

It's roughly broken down by the categories below. There's likely some overlap.

R.Carnie Resume

Here's my latest resume, updated October 2023.
Download the PDF and feel free to contact me!

Adobe PDF

Design & Disciplines

This is a collection of my different skills, across a multitude of different disciplines. I'm strongest in creating copy, design, and website marketing.

Owning more than 10 websites across a multitude of projects, I'm very proficient in website design, branding, and copywriting. Head on over to my websites page for more info.

Check out my publishing website that I use to promote my writing. I also print all my own stuff!

This is covered in-depth on my Training & Development page. Check it out there!

Through our company Makers Market TN, we partner with local venues, businesses, and faith organizations to bring different types of events to the local Murfreesboro, TN area. 

I use SubStack for all of my creative writing, I love the format, the dashboard, the writer's tools, and built-in editor. This should give you a great idea of my creative writing. Enjoy some short stories!