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I've worked for the last 11 years at the same company, Breathing Color at Charta Inc. 

I was a Tier 3 Network Ops at Spectrum before that. And before that I was a Director of Deployment for a Google Apps software developer. I've done a lot in the last 30 years of my career.

I became a better manager and trainer through the last 11 years developing marketing materials, standard operating procedures, training manuals, and internal websites at Breathing Color. Now I'm taking what I've learned and sharing it with everyone.

Here's the main categories of
training that I can help you with. 

Policy & Procedure

Standard Operating Procedures and documentation on getting the job done right the first time. 

Technical Writing & Design

I can write thought pieces on your specific topic to share with your team or add to your blog.

Virtual Training

I've personally trained more than 15 people to succeed across their respective talents and career paths. I'm available as a virtual trainer and familiar with almost every video chat tool available like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, etc.