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by r. carnie littlefield

Art catalog has been greatly reduced as of April 2024 due to lack of interest.

Large Murals

I've done quite a few really large pieces - larger than 4'x12'. Great as wall hangings, murals, or window treatments! GREAT RATES FOR ORIGINAL ART.

How do I buy your art?

All sales are processed through my Ecwid custom e-commerce system. For more information, check out https://www.ecwid.com/

*** I do not share any customer information with anyone. I have no time to do so! ***

Super old sketches

below are all the really old things that I don't feel like trying to sort in any way. This stuff is like before 2009 all the way back to high school and maybe even childhood. I do have a box somewhere in my garage FULL OF pages and sketckbooks and old art. I hope to have that uploaded one day too.