Here are several websites that I've done over the years.
I still manage and maintain several of them as passion projects.

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My publishing and writing platform. I seek to welcome any would-be creative faith-based writer to the world of self-publishing and offer my printing and publishing knowledge and services to anyone who might need them. I believe this is part of how God wants me to serve others.

This is a passion project for my wife Ashley and me, as we run this craft market in our spare time and work with whoever will want to work with us.


My random art site, not updated since 2021, but I'm working on it. Taking specific commissions for D&D characters, but not actively seeking commissions. Selling specific original acrylic paintings or older art pieces that will never be sold again.

ONE OF A KIND PIECES for the interested art collector.

General Info On My Work

Here are the best examples of website projects I've been on, or client work that I've been a part of. There's so much I've done over the years that I thought it'd be good to just catalog it all here. I don't take any new website work but all of it used to be under my "Mindcave Creations" web design company brand.

Mindcave Creations is built on the idea that creativity is at the core of all the that makes a website engaging. I like to think of each thing I do as genuine and focused on the details.

I've been guilty of TERRIBLE DESIGN and I think it's funny now. Feel free to scroll to the very bottom for that.

Technical Specs

I've worked on a lot of different website platforms from Wordpress to Weebly and all the random ones in between (here's looking at you RapidWeaver). Here's the general list of the one's I've used, I'm sure there are others but I can't remember really obscure ones that I never used more than once.

Website for a local Christian school in Austin, Texas. 

Functional: No

Purpose: Sign up, registration, and information for parents of new potential students of the academy.

Designed In: WordPress 

Built In: WordPress

Website for a local business in Austin, Texas.

Functional: No

Purpose: Promote product, product gallery, FAQs

Designed In: WordPress 

Built In: WordPress

MindcaveCreations Etsy Shop

I tried Etsy. I really tried it, but unfortunately it's just so saturated for art and craft. Some of it is even stolen, or gets stolen when you post it.

Also the posting fees or listing fees per item per month. If you have more than 50 or 60 items, you're paying SO MUCH just to run your damn shop! I closed mine, I wish it was easier to work with.

Six sales by the way. I didn't try hard enough I guess. But should it be that hard?

Functional: Sometime after 2012

Purpose: Sell my art

Designed In: Etsy's Desktop and Mobile Apps

Built In: Etsy's Desktop and Mobile Apps

Old Websites. Shrug.

Here are screenshots of old websites through the years. It seems I was only able to save most of the iWeb sites that I had worked on. I wish I could find any of the Dreamweaver ones, or much of the pre 2006 work. Oh well, I'm sure they'll turn up one day.

This was one of my very first homepage designs. The white box would feature new art.

A VERY EARLY website that I
built in the first version of iWeb. 

Purpose: Real estate and rental
site for Austin, TX listings

I'm not sure when this was from, but I
believe 2006 or so. The homepage for
my iWeb-built "graphic design" agency. LOL.