The Art

art { by } r.carnie

I’m r. carnie littlefield

I draw and paint things because I love to, and I sell them because I would love others enjoying them too. I primarily work in ACRYLIC HANDPAINTED ORIGINALS and recently getting more into DIGITAL PAINTING as well.

Best Selling Pieces

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4/26/18 – There’s a problem with the WOOCOMMERCE plugin. I will not have a shop while I troubleshoot this.

art = heART

I love the quote that says “You can’t have art without heart” and I fully believe it! I’m passionate about my art, and you can follow along on my Instagram feed!

Follow me @r.carnie or check out some of my art below.


Take Inspiration

from everything I love and I make it into fun art. I love the 80’s and 90’s era of movies and superheros and grew up collecting and reading comics. Influenced by Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and a lot of anime and Japanese culture; I sketched and doodled all day long.

Since middle school, in the margins of my homework, I couldn’t stop sketching.

When I started painting several years ago, Iron Man, Marvel, and everything awesome about the new phase of action superhero movies was a huge part of it. I watched 2008’s Iron Man over and over, literally on repeat, as I learned to paint.


Photoshop has

always been a part of my arsenal of tools, but it had always been my “Graphic Designers” tool and not one for art. Man, was I so wrong. Spending over 200 hours on Elegant Elephant made me realize the kind of depth and detail I can add to a piece

without the painfully long hours it would take in the acrylic “real world” space.

And I’ve been hooked ever since, mostly sketching digitally for myself with only a few finished pieces. But I’m getting more worked on every day and hoping to expand my finished digital works by 2018.